What is Bootcamp?

Dare2Move Boot Camp is an outdoor/indoor fitness program designed for you.

Maybe you’re a beginner needing a jumpstart into a fitness program or maybe you’re an advanced exerciser needing a challenge to push you to your next level of fitness. Dare2Move Boot Camp will take you there! The Dare2Move workout combines good old-fashioned exercise, camaraderie and fun with common-sense nutrition tips – resulting in weight loss, strength gains and cardiovascular endurance. Every day is a new workout and is carefully designed to inspire and educate you to produce incredible results. The best part about boot camp is that you’ll laugh your way through the entire program!

What to Expect?

Each day of Boot Camp is something different and is designed to work on various areas of the body and mind to improve your overall health. My goal is to keep your body challenged and your mind interested at the same time. The outdoor training can include one or all of the following exercises:

  • Static and rhythmic stretching
  • Military/body weight drills
  • Resistance training/dumbbells & tubing
  • Group games/relays
  • Track-speed training
  • Jumping rope
  • Running/Walking
  • Calisthenics
  • Plyometrics/agility drills
  • Terrace/hill climbing
  • Core training
  • Partner drills

Before & After


THANK YOU for being a HUGE part of this major transformation in my life! Since I started your Corporate Fitness Boot Camp back in January with my co-workers at the dental clinic, I’ve lost a total of 55lbs and have kept it off this long. I never thought I could do something like this or live this kind of a healthier lifestyle. But with the training and motivation I received from you and Joyce, I have met my healthy weight goal! I used to always see people jogging around town and would think “I wish I could be that kind of person” and now I am one of those people jogging around town and loving it! People always ask me “How did I do it?” –waiting for me to give them some easy answer like a pill or a dieting drink but I always told them: “the true recipe is a healthy diet, exercise and probably the most important secret ingredients… COMMITMENT, DEDICATION and DETERMINATION!” I can’t thank you and Dare2Move Fitness enough! Referring people is my pleasure I want my friends and loved ones to feel as good as I do! Some I have spoken to had the secret ingredient and some didn’t, but they all left saying “Ooooohhhh! That’s how you did it… Hard work!“. Thanks again! And I’ll be seeing you at the next round of boot camp !


Rebecca M. Garza